Natural Products Expo West showcases the best of green living

photo by: Salena Wakim

Today marks the second-to-last day for this year’s Natural Product Expo West, taking place in Anaheim California, and the exhibit floor is still hoping.

For those who haven’t heard, New Hope puts on two of the Natural Products Expos every year (East and West).  Over a four-day period, every exhibit hall that the convention center has to offer is filled to the brim with every green, organic, and natural product you can imagine.  It is ‘The’ show to spotlight what you have to offer consumers, and debut what will be coming up.

So far this year, there have been green make-up brushes, Eco-friendly diapers, allergen friendly sweets, and that’s just a drop in the bucket of what attendees are seeing.

Literally thousands of options were on hand to see.  Check back here to get an insider’s insight into some of the best of the lot.  It’s been dirt work having to peruse those exhibitor aisles, and sample all those goodies, but hey someone had to do it 🙂

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