Time for some spring planning

Remember to plan before you fly. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Today is the last day of February, and although tomorrow may not be the official start of spring, for anyone looking to travel in the next couple of months it might as well be.  For the last several weeks there have been a wide variety of spring travel deals being posted.  Which means that if you wanted to travel with your family over spring break, then you need to make haste.

There are plenty of local options still, but the longer you wait, the higher the prices will go (that is until in desperation they post last minute deals, so if you’re reading this in a couple of weeks, don’t give up hope).  Theme parks, museums, and zoos are starting to promote special events now as well, but you don’t want to head to those on a spur of them moment decision.  If you do then you’ll absolutely pay more than you needed to.

So to avoid any of those costly mistakes, let’s review the basic travel rules.

You know the drill:

1) Do your internet searches ahead of time, and read the details of any deals you find.

2) Check your work, school, churches, and memberships (Costco, AAA, etc.) for discounts.

3) Make sure to take advantage of any student, senior, military, and teacher discounts if you qualify (and don’t forget your relevant I.D. is you plan to use one).

Things that you might have missed, or forgotten:

A) Don’t look for airfaire or hotel rooms on a computer or laptop, only do those searches on a tablet or you phone!!!!!   Yes, these companies are actively discriminating when they charge you higher rates for using your computer, but the only way (right now anyway) to combat this, is to make sure you use the right machine.

B) Some airlines are now offering truly horrific versions of coach.  Think before you click, as bad seating may have you starting off you vacation with a sore back, or a really pissed off attitude.  Avoid the pain, and pay a little bit more for that better seat if you can.

C) Finally take advantage of every perk you can find.  Does your ticket come with two free suitcase wavers?  If not, then see if that’s a perk your credit card, or AAA membership might offer instead.

Remember, the point of any of this is to have fun.  In addition to saving you some cash, planning ahead can help you enjoy your free time even more.

Happy travels…….


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