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The hidden perks of teaching

Summer/Fall 2018 Academy

Prof. Salena Wakim


Why reinvent the wheel?

Crossword, word searches, videos, you name it and the internet probably already has it:





Library (College’s and community)


TED Talks/TED Studies


Other Resources:


Idea Book



Smithsonian exhibitions

Library of Congress

Google image search


Can you spare a dollar?

Why does it all have to cost so much? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to.  Here are a few tricks to minimize the pain/

IRS (no I’m not kidding)

Union programs (part-time)     (full-time)

CollegeBuys software

Retail Discount programs:

Exhibit Passes:

School ID (don’t leave home without it)

Fun Discounts and Freebies

…because everyone deserves a break now and then

National Teacher Appreciation Day & Week   – say it with me – “teacher appreciation day freebies”

Teacher Discounts all year:

Rubio’s teacher appreciation:

Los Angeles Natural History Museum:

Freebies for all!

Smithsonian Free Museum Day:

Bank of America Museums on us program:

Target Community Events: