Happy Earth Day 2018

Happy Earth Day everyone.  Despite the continuing lack of Earth Day celebrations around the nation (they’re harder, and harder to find each year), this is still a day celebrated by millions each April.  It just means you might have to look in different places to participate this time around.  So, to help you get started, here’s a few ideas on where to start.

  1. Your own backyard:  Bring the celebration home by starting your garden this weekend.  Mant nursery centers out there are ready to help if you don’t know how.  Also, most Armstrong Garden Centers will still be giving away free lady bugs, with purchase, today.  Time to play in the dirt again.
  2. Your local parks and Zoos:  Many will be celebrating, you just have to do an online search, find one, and show up.
  3. Nationa Parks:  They’re supposed to be free today, so take advantage, as their regular rate is going up.
  4. The Mall:  Yeah, I know, but hear me out.  Many stores ( Pottery Barn, Ikea, Target, etc.) have offered special Earth Day promotions in the past.  You just need to see what your local store has going on.
  5. Finally, your own life:  What I mean by this is that Earth Day is a great time to stop, and do some internal searching and organizing.  Take stock of just how green you’re really living, and make changes as needed. Re-evaluate your eco goals, and maybe even come up with some new ones.  After all, it all starts with you getting involved, and that means being mentally ready to do so.

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