New year calls for new thinking

With each new year there’s always the hope that with the changing of the calendar, better things will be ahead. Then twelve months later we look back and lament over the fact nothing really changed. This year, perhaps a new way of thinking is in order.

Instead of thinking about how “everything” must change, perhaps reflect first on what you want to stay exactly the same. For example, are you happy with your current car? Then why constantly wish you had a new one? Unless you win one, wouldn’t getting a new car probably also mean getting a new loan to go with it? As accessories go, that is one of the more unpleasant ones.

Once you’re aware of all the nice things in your life that are worth keeping, then you can be better able to identify the things that truly do need to change. With so many indicators that the economy might be rough this year, maybe do a money self-check, and determine how to streamline your expenses? How many of those streaming services do you really use on a regular basis? Can any of them now be purchased as part of a bundle, or gotten free as a credit card or phone perk?

Baby steps may not seem like much at first, but collectively they can move you along to the change you want/need without causing the chaos that more radical steps can bring. Don’t get me wrong sometimes dramatic change is necessary, such as leaving an abusive relationship, or stopping drinking. However, not everything needs to be such as huge leap.

Also, those baby steps are often easier to keep up with, so the changes can become permanent. Take for example the needed to live a greener life. Starting down this path by changing everything you eat to new (and therefore unfamiliar) brands most likely won’t end well. You’ll get sick of the expense, miss your old favorite brands, and soon find yourself dropping the whole experiment. However, if you baby step your way into it, the changes can work. Start with swapping out regular for organic produce as sales pop up. Try one new brand of organic soup, and see if you like it. If you don’t, oh well it was only one thing, and next week you can try another. Doing this can actually result in more changes by years end than you might imagine, all without driving you crazy in the meantime.

Ultimately the important thing is that you keep trying, and don’t forget to celebrate your wins when they happen. Whatever changes you hope to make, remember you still have to be happy with you.

Happy New Year Everyone šŸŽ‰

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