Don’t forget to sign up at the library

Even little kids can join in on the fun. Photo by Salena Wakim

September is the designated National Library Card Sign Up month, and although the month is almost over, there’s still time to join.

Libraries take sign ups all year round of course, but it’s still a nice time to either get a new card, or reactivate your old one (yes, even your card has to periodically be renewed 😉).

What’s so special about now? Well, if you get everything set up now, then you’ll be all ready to participate in all the upcoming Holiday activities your local library has planned.

If you haven’t checked it out in awhile, then you may have been missing out, not only on all those new releases, but also on free cooking classes, contests, giveaways, and free seeds for your garden too.

Today’s libraries truly are community centers, with plenty to offer all ages. All you need to join in on it all, is that free library card, which the whole family can qualify for. So, check it out, and start enjoying all those additional perks!

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