The not so happy holidays of 2021

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2020 was supposed to be the worst, and 2021 was supposed to be better. What happened? Sadly, “WE” did.

2020 hit us all like a bag of bricks, but lets face it, we managed to screw up 2021 all on our own. By the time 2021 came rollin’ along, we all should have known how to handle this situation better. However, despite that, and our own well being, we simply didn’t. Why? It’s time to face it folks, it’s because too many of us were far too busy hating everyone around us, and unfortunately, loving it.

The odd thing about 2021 is that most people lament the state of things. Yet, when you watch people being interviewed (or when you talk to people face-to-face for that matter), it’s not hard to see that many of them are just reveling in the fact that they finally have an excuse (all be it a crappy one) to finally unload on those around them. It’s like an unofficial agreement to hold a year long verbal “Purge” event has been declared. People from all walks of life have spent the last year sharpening their verbal knives, so to speak, and to be clear, no one side is any less blameless than the others.

Now, I’m not one to eagerly encourage the world to grab a coke, sing kumbaya, and put on a happy face (you know all the cliches). That said though, I would at least like to see an attempt at a return to civility. Would that really be so terrible?

I don’t mean to sound so grumpy, but I’m tired. Aren’t you? Tired of the arguments, tired of the craziness, and well, just plain tired of it all not seeming to be getting better (who names something Omicron anyway?)

This holiday season is going to be bad enough for so many of us, as there have been so many lives lost over the past year. It’s time to consider the repercussions of not giving a crap about your fellow man, and maybe, just maybe 2022 might have a chance at being just a little better for us all, if we do. I’m not saying you have to actually love your fellow humans, but maybe you could just start out by faking it, until you make it?

Just something to think about…..and try to have a Happy Holidays Everyone. In the end, trying is all any of us can really do. Here’s a holiday wish that we may all achieve some measure of success.

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels