Is anyone listening to the UN’s latest warning?

Photo by Markus Spiske on

If you’ve been paying attention, then you might have heard that the U.N. has once again issued a warning about the climate crisis.

With so many of these announcements going out, and relatively little being done in response, one can’t help but wonder if anyone is even listening anymore.

The sad reality is that precious few are. Sure, we all hear it being said, but are we actually listening? There’s just so much noise right now to distract us. In the last couple of weeks alone there have been a couple of mass shootings, Russian troops are uping the fight in Ukraine, two banks had to be seized by the government, and the world is once again staring down the barrel of a looming recession.

Needless to say, most people are distracted right now. However, that doesn’t mean the climate issue can wait.

The only way to get the focus back, is to first refocus yourself. Make it a priority in your own life, and then make decisions with that in mind. This includes purchase choices, voting decisions, planning trips with an eco-friendly eye, and several others ways that might fit in your life. The change has to start and grow from you first though. I know that right now this won’t always be easy, but all you can do is hold true to your values, and then move forward from there.

Happy Spring Everyone.

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