How to save water and your garden at the same time

So, to wrap up events in July: Fire has proven once again to not be our friend. Thanks to the Delta variant, masks are back on; and finally, the high heat and low water supplies are about to kill your garden. Well, I might be able to help you out with at least one of those things.

Here are a couple of tips on how to conserve water and still have a garden survive.

  1. Prioritize: Yeah this is going to suck, but it’s time to choose. If some plants aren’t doing well, or if they just aren’t needed, then pull them. That means by the roots, because if you don’t, the remaining plant pieces might still take up some water.
  2. Shade helps: If your plants already provide some shade to their neighbors, then great. However, you could also add a shade element to help out. This prevents both water loss and leaf burning in more sensitive plants. Use a small tarp, sheet, or beach shade tent; either will work as long as they can be moved, but still be braced to not blow away.
  3. Gray-water safely: You can reuse bath water, or water collected from your shower while you’re waiting for it to reach the optimal temperature. If it’s bath water, just make sure it doesn’t have any bath oils or salts in it, as those will hurt your plants and soil. Also, gray-water should be reserved for non-food bearing plants, like flowers, shrubs, and trees not producing fruit.
  4. Finally, water wisely: Water in the early morning, or at night when evaporation is less of a problem. Water deeply, so it will do a thorough job (do you want just a sip in 100 degree weather?). Using mulch can also help with water retention, just choose the type carefully if you have pets. A local nursery, or garden center can help get you set up the right way. Good luck fellow Green Thumbs.

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