Five ways to do Earth Day 2021 in a Covid lockdown

Earth Day 2021 is just a few weeks away, but since we’re still living in a Covid world you might be thinking you’ll have to skip it again. Fear not though, as this year there are more than a few virtual events planned already, with more to be posted soon.

First though I would like to acknowledge that the past year has actually seen movement on the environmental front. President Biden stopped the dreaded oil pipeline. People seeking ways to stave off lockdown boredom came out in droves last year to hike, camp, and volunteer for a ton of events. The USPS also put out an official Earth Day stamp, which is still available for purchase (and use) on their website. Plus, this year’s EUEC Virtual conference showed that multiple groups are actively working on not only fixing the existing electrical grid, but making it more eco friendly and efficient to boot.

If you would like to get involved this year too, here’s some suggestions.

  1. Start out by asking your local churches, parks, and your kid’s school, as they might be planning something already.
  2. Also check out your local library to see what they have planned, as most do something to honor the day.
  3. If you’re looking for ways to green up your home, then make sure to see what your local nursery is doing, since it is the start of planting season.
  4. You can also check out Ian Somerhalder’s new documentary, ‘Kiss the Ground‘, which is now playing on Netflix. This is getting some really great reviews, especially for the way it offers up hope by not only listing problems, but offering up suggestions for solving them.
  5. Finally, the San Diego Natural History Museum (aka The Nat) will be hosting it’s “The State of Biodiversity” virtual summit over the 4 Thursdays in April. Sign up for free on the summit’s website.

If you know of any other Earth Day events that are planned, please feel free to list them in the comments section,so others might join in too.

Happy Earth Month Everyone!!!

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