Congrats Grads, may your future always be green!

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020, both the high school and college versions.  Seriously, congratulations!  This may not be the event you all had imaged just a few short months ago, but it’s still a monumental achievement worth noting.  So take the pictures wearing your cap and gown anyway, as this is something that someday you Will want to look back on.

Now, as you move forward with you life onto the next stage, remember that in many ways the hard work has just begun.  It’s time to be a full participant in the world in which you live.  Time to learn to do your own taxes, clean up your own space without being reminded, and some day even take care of kids of your own.  Most importantly though, it is time to walk to walk.  All those Friday Protest for the Planet were cute and all, but other than getting some attention for the cause, lets face it, not too many of the participants were really doing anything other than ditching school.  Now it’s time to truly show you dedication to the environment, by choosing to live your adult life as green a way as you possibly can.

Growing up you’ve all heard about how this is supposed to work, and now is your chance to actually make those decisions that will hopefully help to make the world a better place.  So welcome to the future 2020 Grads.  In time this whole Corona thing will come under control, and once it does you will hopefully step out into the world again, ready to help in the fight we all must be part of, to fix all those other problems that still need your skills.  To those of you still willing to be part of this movement, with or without the benefit of skipping class, welcome to the fight.  We’ve can’t wait to see what you achieve while your here.

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