Congrats to the winner

Sorry for the delay, but there was an unexpected hiccup in the selection process.  The innitial winner’s account and contact info seems to have gone dark, so a runner up was selected instead.  Congratulations Abby, we all hope you enjoy your prize; and thanks to all of you who have signed up, and return to check out each new article as they are posted.

In the coming months I hope to continue to update you on new ways to be green, and share with you success stories on how others have reached that goal as well.  Make sure to keep an eye out for my next post in the coming weeks, and please don’t forget to share this site’s address with your friends.  I haven’t set a final date, but this won’t necessarily be the last contest, or giveaway, that you’ll see here.

Until my next post, here’s hoping 2020 will be even best than last year.

Stay green Everyone!



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