Lucy Glo and Lucy Rose Apples take center stage at PMA Fresh Summit



Halloween will bring buckets and buckets of candy, in some cases literally.  After the joy of all that sugar starts to wear off, you might want to look for an even better sweet treat to snack on.  At this year’s PMA Fresh Summit several fresh produce growers and marketers gathered to showcase their best, and most delectable varieties.  Among them were two new Apple varieties that will be hitting a produce department near you, either this week or next.  Allow me to introduce Lucy Rose and Lucy Glo.

These two new varieties of apple are as delicious to eat, as they are beautiful to look at.


What do they taste like?  Well, let me fill you in.  Coming from someone who really likes her Granny Smiths, Lucy Glo is a real contender to fight for title of my FAVORITE apple.  It is tart, but tasty, with a nice crisp bite.  Lucy Rose is similar to a Gala as far as its sweetness level is concerned, but it also retains a crisp bite as well, while some Galas tend to get a bit soft once they hit peak ripeness.  However, the most startling thing is the color, as when you cut into either of these two you’ll find that the flesh is a pinkish, rosy color.

When  I saw this, I had to of course ask about how they fair when used for cooking.  The answer was, GREAT!  According to the Lucy team, the flavors of both stand up to the heat, as does their color.  So, just imaging the pretty Thanksgiving apple pie you can present to the family this year.  All you have to do is locate some of these beauties first.

Remember that these are new to the market this year, so not everyone is going to be stocking them at first.  If your produce manager doesn’t have them yet, make sure to demand your share of the Lucy Glo and Rose harvest.  Once you get your hands on some, you’ll be wanting a whole bushel.


As a last nod to summer, while you’re checking out your local fruit stand, you might also want to grab the last of the peach crops to hit the produce aisle, AKA Moonlight.  This peach variety, which is marketed by the same people that handle the Cuties mandarins, is grown in California, and is a super sweet peach.  It’s been exclusively selling through Stater Bros. this year, so that’s where you’ll want to go.  Moonlights are what a peach is supposed to be; with the smell, texture, and most importantly, the flavor that peaches have long been known for (but sadly have not always had in recent years).  Moonlight is the one to eat for sure this year, but you’ll need to get them soon, as even this late season variety will be ending its run shortly too.


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