Finding Waldo at Comic-Con equals prizes

pile of five books
Photo by Pixabay on

Finding Waldo might usually bring back fond (ok sometimes frustrating) memories from your childhood, but this weekend, dusting off those old skills might just earn you a prize. Just because you don’t have a badge to this year’s San Diego 2019 Comic-Con doesn’t mean you can’t participate either.  Badge, or not, everyone who walks into the Downtown Public Library is welcome to participate.

In fact, according to the official announcement, all 36 branches of the San Diego Public Library system will be participating in some way.  Finding Waldo in the branches can mean anything from collectable buttons, to special prizes; but you have to play to find out what they’ve hidden for you this year.

In addition to the search, you can also take the opportunity to pick up this year’s special “Where’s Waldo Comic-Con 2019” comemorative library card (available to all CA residents while supplies last).  This year’s card sports an image of Waldo holding a stack of books, as well as the Comic-Con official logo.  The downtown locaation will also be marking the close of Comic-Con weekend with a family friendly DJ Dance party on Sunday, check their website for more details.

Finally, for educators, and librarians, the free Comic Conference for Educators is still going on both Saturday and Sunday.  No badges are required for either day, but you may want to regisster ahead of time if you’ll need proof of attendance for your flex hours.  Saturday is based around k-12, and Sunday is deducated to using comics in college classes.o

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