Get rewarded for eating healthy

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If you watch TV at all then you’ve probably noticed those Domino’s adds stating that you can now get points towards a free pizza for uploading a picture of  any kind of pizza at all, including a heathy one you make at home yourself.  Well, they aren’t the only ones giving you props for eating healthy this spring.  It seems that the food world is all-a-buzz with different companies trying to encourage you to eat better, by giving away a bunch of free stuff.  Below you’ll find a list of just a few of them.  So, eat up, and good luck!

Cuties:  As if you really needed anther reason to love those awesome little mandarins, Cuties want to send you on vacation the Disney World.  All, you have to do is fill out their entry form, and cross you fingers for luck (well, maybe wash off all that juice first).

Milk:  If you live in California then you have access to California Milk.  Why is that important you ask?  Well, through April 26th the California Milk people are sponsoring a gift card giveaway, based on points you earn for drinking their milk.  For details, and sign up, check out the promotion website.  Once done, don’t forget to check you e-mail regularly for chances to earn bonus points along the way.

Barilla Pasta:  You have until July to participate in Barilla Pasta’s rewards program.  You must buy 4 boxes of any Barilla Pasta ( this can include the healthier options it seems as well), and then upload the receipt (check program details for deadline as it must be soon after purchase).  You’ll earn points towards prizes and/or events.

Check back, as more opportunities will be added as they come up.



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