Don’t ignore the recalls just because of the holidays

photo by: Salena Wakim
Just one of many romaine lettuce recall notices that have been posted this holiday season. (photo by: Salena Wakim)

You have family coming over, food to cook, and shopping to get done.  That’s not even counting all the holiday activities that are also going on this time of year.  Between now, strait through New Year’s day, everyone’s life gets considerably more crazy than the rest of the year.  It’s understandably tempting to tune out some of the current news coming out, because you just don’t have the time, nor energy, to deal with anything extra.  The problem that creates though, is that in addition to all the political nonsense the you’re trying to ignore, you may have also missed some rather important recalls that were recently announced.  Some of these are so important that you really can’t afford to that right now.  Here’s a quick recap of the most pressing recalls you may have missed.

Jennie-O turkey has announced a recall on some raw turkey products, including some of their ground meat.  You can find all the details on the company’s website, so if you’ve bought any of this turkey, you really should check out list of products involved.

Romaine lettuce:  the CDC issued a warning for all romaine lettuce in the country.  It has since been adjusted down to only the romaine grown in the central coastal region, but that doesn’t mean you can relax.  The complication with this one comes from the way romaine is used in so many prepackaged salad products.  It makes truly knowing where it all comes from a bit more impossible.  You can check out the official recall info here, but you should take care to either avoid romaine for a while, or to only consume lettuce whose origins you are completely aware of.

These two are the most pressing due to the fact that many of you might have these food items in your fridge right now, but keep in mind there are always more out there.  There have been a couple of dog, and cat food recalls; as well as one or two car related recalls that have been issued over the last couple of months.  There’s no reason for these recalls to ruin this holiday season for you, just as long as you pay attention, and protect you and your family along the way.   Happy Holidays everyone.


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