As Comic-Con continues time to restock

Today marks the mid-point of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con event.  If you’re one of those people who decided that they were going to power their way through the whole thing, now is the time to take stock.  Do you still have enough water on hand?  If you’re going outside, are you wearing a decent SPF?  Finally, if you’re wearing a costume have you considered the heat?

Passing out in the middle of an event you’ve been looking forward to all year would be a shame.  So, to refresh yourself, and your supplies, remember that on Market Street (between first and second) there’s a Ralphs grocery store.  Behind that is a Jimbos in the Horton center, and a couple blocks down from both of them is a CVS.

While you’re walking, partying, and generally consuming everything around you, please remember to also take care of the environment around you.  Not only are there people who live in the Gaslamp area of San Diego all year round, but there are animals as well.  Trash, straws, and water bottles can all easily litter up the place, if not properly disposed of.  Also, since the Convention Center is right there on the shoreline, anything that winds up on the ground can easily be blown right into the water by those nice breezes that occur down there.    So, take a moment and find one of the many trash and recycling bins that are everywhere around you.  Really, do you want to walk through other people’s garbage either?

celebration cosplay costumes crowd
Photo by Donald Tong on

To recap, take care of yourself, and the world around you, and have fun during your final couple of days.  Happy #SDCC2018 everyone!

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